About Us

The Holy Land Insurance Co. was incorporated in 1980 and wholly owned by the private sector, shareholders are mainly prominent businessmen, bankers and industrial groups. The company writes all classes of general insurance such as Motor, Marine Cargo, Fire & Miscellaneous accidents and Engineering business.

Our company had persisted in saying that we were driven in shaping our underwriting policy by a commitment to technical profit rather than market share. Thus choice made growth in premium income of a secondary importance in our list of priorities. In hindsight, we can assert that our company would have incurred substantial technical losses had it not been for its conservative underwriting policy. This assertion is borne out by the fact that the years in question were marked by a soft market condition in view of the excessive reinsurance capacity.

Persistence in upholding a conservative underwriting policy and putting emphasis on the quality of written business rather than on its volume was not an easy task to achieve, our concern is primarily focused on protecting the solvency and capacity of our company.

The results achieved in the past years and the immenent growth in premium income testify to the credibility of our insurance policy. It also gives us confidence that attaining further growth is within our reach and our sights for our optimism by the foreseeable sharp rise in our premium income.

To conclude, we wish to stress that our future path is now clearly delineated by a detailed strategy and business plan, which have been drawn up by the Board of Directors and the Management of our company. These tools will give us a comprehensive plan which leaves no room for speculation as to our activities and initiatives.

Our Management has adopted the following strategy for future :-

To increase the volume of premium portfolio of the company.
To maintain on the conservative underwriting policy in writing all classes of insurance.
To present high quality insurance coverage to our clients.
To accept selective coinsurance business from other companies.
To promote our investment strategy through enlargement of our financial income plan.